Dart – from Novice to Expert Complete Course

Visualize, Understand, Learn & Practice absolutely every concept of Dart – the underlying language of Flutter Framework


What you’ll learn

  • Do you want to learn Flutter? It’s a must that you get to know Dart Language at first!
  • Visualize the most important concepts of Dart Language
  • Learn and Understand some of the trickiest challenges posed by Dart
  • Get to know all of the fundamentals and advanced topics developed by the Dart Team
  • Develop new skills into Dart Packages, Dart Libraries, Dart Linting
  • Understand Sound Null Safety in great detail
  • Learn all of the advanced particularities on which Dart runs the code behind the scenes
  • Practice OOP Concepts with Dart Classes


Welcome to the most updated Dart Complete Course in 2021!

By following this course from start to finish, no matter what level you’re on, I can guarantee you will certainly become a Dart Expert Developer!

Here’s a small list of what you’ll be able to learn in this course:

  • Why you need to learn Dart prior to Flutter?

  • What is Dart and what are its general particularities? (Type Safety, Soundness, Type inference, Null Safety, Compilers etc.)

  • Installing the Dart SDK on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS + Dart CLI)

  • The structure of a Dart Project

  • Dart Packages

  • Dart Libraries

  • Dart Linting

  • JIT & AOT Compilers, the Dart VM

  • Running the code from source using JIT/AOT Compiler

  • Kernel, JIT & AOT Snapshots

  • Everything about Dart Packages

  • Effective Dart & Linting + Analysis_options.yaml file

  • Sound Null Safety Explained

  • Dart Variables (Top level, static, instance, local

  • var vs dynamic vs const vs final

  • Built-in Types (Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Lists, Sets, Maps, Runes)

  • Dart Functions Explained, Anonymous functions (closures, lambdas), Function parameters (positional, named)

  • Dart Operators Explained

  • Dart Control Flow Statements Explained

  • Dart Classes In-depth Chapter

  • Inheritance

  • Instance variables & methods

  • Constructors

  • Singleton, Operators overridden, Static

  • Polymorphism

  • Abstraction, classes, methods, interfaces

  • Mixins

  • Extension methods

  • Dart Generics Explained

  • Dart Libraries & Private Fields

  • Dart Testing Explained

  • Dart Isolates Explained (Sync & Async Chapter)

  • Dart Isolate Structure, Event Queue, Event Loop, Single Thread, Memory

  • Parallelism

  • Isolate Groups

  • Microtask queue

  • Iterables and Lists

  • Futures in-depth

  • Streams in-depth

  • many many more I forgot

Thank you for choosing it and I hope you’ll have a great time learning Dart!

Who this course is for:

  • Wannabe Dart & Flutter Developers
  • Beginner in Dart Language curious about all of its features and concepts
  • Experienced Dart Developer curious about really advanced Dart features and concepts
  • Everyone curious about one of the best programming language available to dat