IELTS Bar Charts made easy

IELTS Bar Charts made easy

Learn how to write about bar charts.

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For many students taking IELTS exam Writing section is usually the one that causes a headache. Students find it really hard to understand, analyze and describe different kinds of charts in the writing section of the exam. The problem might stem from inability to make sense of numbers, not knowing the structure of the essay, being unaware of the special words that can be used to describe a particular type of chart. Students also complain about not having enough time to complete the task and writing fewer than 150 words. ”IELTS BAR CHARTS IN 1 HOUR” course has been designed to help those students having problems in the Task 1 section of the IELTS Writing exam. This course focuses specifically on one of the most common types of task 1 questions: bar charts. In less than 1 hour this course will teach all the most important aspects of writing about BAR CHARTS.

In this course you will learn how to:

1. Analyze and plan a Task 1 essay

2. Use essential words to describe pie charts

3. Use quantifying phrases ( as much as / as many as)

4. Make up complex sentences

5. Write a task 1 essay

I am sure that this course will become one of your favorite courses on IELTS WRITING Task 1.
See you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • IELTS exam takers
  • Students who want to learn IELTS bar charts
  • Students who want to learn IELTS task 1