NFT Trading – from zero to “I can’t believe the success!”

NFT Trading – from zero to “I can’t believe the success!”

Teaching you how to start with 0 knowledge, 1 cent, and get returns I never thought were possible. All in a fun way!

100% Free


Ever since discovering the Tezos blockchain and the thriving real artist community on it, I had the urge to share it with everyone, since I love sharing things that I find exciting!
I actually already am sharing this information on YouTube as well (as I said, I love sharing and I could not wait to!), but I got so many positive comments there that I decided to try out Udemy and see if I can reach other audiences too.

In this course, you will learn how to start with an extremely tight budget and trade your way up with an extremely high success rate.

You will learn:

  • how to get the cryptocurrency you need

  • where to store it

  • at which marketplaces you can use it

  • and which NFTs you should be buying

You will also learn about many tools, strategies and useful tips.

But most of all, you will learn about the GeeGee Familee and where we hang out and share useful information with each other, which is where the real value lies and opportunities are shared every day.

I hope you will love this, have fun and manage to get returns which you have never dreamed to be possible, because I certainly did not believe it until I started doing it.

– Igor aka GeeGee

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in a fun and still under the radar way to flip/trade for profit
  • People who want to learn about a still under the radar Blockchain & NFT platform (Tezos)
  • People who are interested in Web3 and Cryptocurrency